CrossOver Ministry Dental Clinic

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry is Virginia's largest free health care clinic, providing services to more than 6,815 patients yearly. Because most of these patients are the working poor, they often have to choose between food, shelter and health insurance.  And because of the Virginia's strict guidelines, they cannot qualify for Medicaid.

CrossOver receives NO direct federal funding and accepts no public or private insurance.  We are solely dependent upon the generosity of philanthropic minded supporters in order to continue provide high quality services and create a healthycommunity. Every dollar donated to CrossOver Healthcare Ministry helps to treat the uninsured in Richmond.

Primary Contact

Ms. Kerri Reed, Dental Program Manager
Office: (804) 233-5016 ext. 118

Phone: 804-233-5016  (Corwardin location)

Phone: 804-622-0803 x128 (Quioccasin location)

Location and contact information

CrossOver Downtown
108 Cowardin Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23224

West End
CrossOver West
8600 Quioccasin Road, Suite 100
Richmond, Virginia 23229


CrossOver Health Care Ministry